Who doesn’t know it: buzzword bingo is widespread in the communication sector, whether in business lunch small talk, sector meetings, in pitches or a sales dialogue. We gladly took this bad custom for a ride: in a multi-level B2B “Anti-Bullshit” campaign for our customer SpotCom. At the beginning of the interactive campaign the clients and agencies first received the “Anti-Bullshit spray” per snail mail, which made for a lot of fun in the office: annoying (buzzword preferring) colleagues were made aware of their habit in a charming way. The comic mood was captured and uploaded onto a special landing page, and humorous clients could profit. At the same time, a visit was worth it for everyone – a lot of (interactive) Bullshit fun on air! Like the “Bullshit job title generator” with business cards for shipping – finally some straight talk concerning one’s own job!

Prominent banners (online and mobile) and print motifs in trade magazines led additional prospects to the landing page. This way the goal of the campaign was achieved quickly: SpotCom became the talk of the town among important decision makers. And that’s no (bull)shit!